Baby Thomas with Genevieve’s Brother 

And Gen with Jared’s Sister and Jared’S brother  kids (Jared’s niece and nephew) 

It’s a beautiful Family :)

Bless them 


8/50 Ruby caps

ruby 2.0 caps - [59-60/?]

More reasons to love Gen :)


Genevieve commented on Nicole Tubiola’s Instagram photo with Aaron Paul and Shane West that she and Jared love Breaking Bad. Not long ago it was revealed that she is also a huge Game of Thrones fan too, finding out these little bits and pieces just makes me love her more! :) These were her comments:

"Jared and I just started breaking bad. Aaron Paul is incredible!! Haha. That’s awesome!"

“And obviously Jared and I are fans of Shane’s :)”

Mr. and Mrs. Padalecki’s wedding.