This is an image of the Wildfire era Genevieve Padalecki/Cortese autograph I’m selling. If anyone is further interested, please feel free to message me!


How I Dressed Like Gen → Paley Fest Look

A few weeks ago I spotted Genevieve’s Jason Wu skirt on Ebay and with some gentle persuasion from my partner in crime, Ana (genvievepadalecki), I decided I simply could not pass up the opportunity as I’ve loved this skirt for years. Or more specifically, since first seeing it on Genevieve back in 2011.

Tonight I went out with some family members and decided to pair my new skirt with a Reiss blouse I forgot I owned and my favourite red lipstick by MAC.

And viola, dresslikegenevieve literally dresses like Genevieve. 

Send us your inspired looks using the tag ‘dressinglikegen’! 

Becka, you look amazing! And I love your outfit! You’re stunning! Xx


A bitch with a pretty face


So I am about to move to Florida for the next few months and I am trying to make as much cash as possible before heading down there.

Would anyone be interested in purchasing a Genevieve Cortese/Padalecki autograph from back when she did Wildfire?

If so, please feel free to message me.

DLG Exclusive? What’s that supposed to mean?


Anytime you see the “DLG Exclusive” logo that means that it was in collaboration with Genevieve herself!!

The dress is exclusive because Genevieve confirmed via email that the dress is Prada and let us know she bought it at the “Pradasphere” exhibit in Harrods London this last Spring! 

So keep an eye out for more “DLG Exclusive” posts!

- Ana Xx



What: Prada striped dress via ‘Harrods Presents PRADASPHERE’
Where: Twitpic with fan
When: 29th May 2014

Also worn at: Lunch with Mica Barton

Exciting Announcement!


During the past month, Suzanne Gomez reached out to us on Genevieve’s behalf and we have been in discussions with her since. We are excited to announce that we will be working with Gen on some wonderful features in the next coming weeks for all you lovely followers. We can’t even begin to describe how much of a privilege this is and we hope you all enjoy what we have planned for the future.

- The DLG Team xo 

This is very exciting, congrats! I can’t wait to see what you post! xx


thomas padalecki being adorable at vancon (and Genevieve)